It seems like many businesses today are focused on how to make something cheaper. Not on how to make something better. It may be cheaper to use less expensive materials. It may be cheaper to have it made overseas. We take pride in using top quality materials that are "Made in America".

Panoramic photographer David Lawrence photographing in the vineyards of South Australia

The quality story behind our photo murals.

* We start with real panoramic images (not cropped 35mm format images) for maximum clarity and color. Sure, it would be easier for me to carry around a small digital camera instead of a heavy panoramic cameras, tripod, etc. If I felt that the quality and resolution would be as good using a small digital camera, I would not carry around the panoramic cameras either.

* We use premium wall covering materials. Our photo murals are printed using top commercial grade fabric backed vinyl medias. (Ask an installer about his experiences when trying to hang murals that are printed on paper or some light weight mystery material.) I have tested most of the digital wall-covering medias available and include what I feel are the best materials in our collection of textures.

* We print with 8-color UV-curable inks. A strong Ultraviolet light source converts the liquid ink to a solid state. The hard plastic-like cured polymer has superior physical properties (such as abrasion-resistance, gloss, and chemical resistance). These inks contain virtually no VOCs and do not contain heavy metals such as antimony, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury and selenium. In addition to looking great, your mural is very durable and does not require any special coatings or lamination to be applied.

* Our photo murals are custom made to your exact size and crop specifications. You can talk directly with the photographer about cropping options or image suggestions. Or would you like to know more about the story behind the photograph?

* A free strike-off sample is provided with our room-size photo murals (40 SF and larger). You get to look at the image you selected printed on a sample of the material that you selected .... before we print and ship your photo mural. We understand that you may find it difficult to order something like a wall mural from the small pictures on a web site. We want you to see the quality of our artwork firsthand.

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" Ever since I founded Prime Images, Inc. over twenty years ago, my on-going goal has been to deliver the best quality photography and wall art possible.. And to make the ordering process as convenient and easy for the purchaser as possible. "

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