General installation instructions for our high resolution photo murals

Our photography murals are printed in vertical strips approximately 48 inches wide and the full height of your wall, so there will be a minimal number of seams. There is a 1 inch image overlap at each seam to allow for "double cutting" during installation.

For large photo murals, we suggest that you hire a professional paperhanger for the best results. You can search for experienced paperhangers by zip code at the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers web site.

Our premium textured wall covering materials are fully compliant with all fire codes for indoor commercial installation. They are in compliance with Federal Specification CCC-408-D Type II Class A, and the CFFA-W-101-D.


Installation Tips & Information :

Before Starting : Lay out each panel next to it's matching panel. Then look for good color match and any defects. The panels are inspected before we ship them to you. However, if you find defects in the mural you should stop and contact us immediately.

Prepare Your Wall : Proper wall preparation is key to getting great results. Remove old wall covering and wash off any grease or dirt with warm water. Remove picture hooks and electrical switch plates. Then fill cracks and holes with spackling compound and sand wall until smooth. To prepare the surface properly, we recommend that you prime the wall surface with a universal, white-pigmented, mold inhibiting wall covering primer like Roman R-35 (also called Pro-935).

Adhesives : Hang wall covering with a premium quality heavy-duty clear pre-mixed adhesive. (See the bottom of this page for recommended adhesives.) When purchasing your adhesive be sure to mention that your wall mural is printed on vinyl wall covering, not paper. Follow the manufacturers instructions for using the adhesive and do not dilute.

Apply an even coat of adhesive over entire back of wall covering using either a pasting machine, brush or a paint roller. Work the adhesive in, and cover the back completely, especially near the edges. Fold each end toward the middle, pasted sides together, aligning the edges carefully so they do not dry out. CAUTION: Do not crease wall covering. Allow to "relax" for ten minutes (booking). This will allow the adhesive to penetrate the wall covering fabric, which is important to a successful installation.

Installing the Panels: Make a level guideline on the wall with a pencil to mark the starting point. Start with the top left corner of the mural. We allow for several extra inches in mural height in case the wall is slightly uneven, so plan on trimming the top and bottom after hanging. (Never pre-trim the mural, as your wall or ceiling line may be slightly off). Avoid burnishing or rubbing the face of the mural. Use a wall covering brush or plastic scraper to smooth the wall covering onto the wall. Wash off any excess adhesive from the face of the wall covering as you hang it with a cellulose sponge. The sponge should be rinsed in clean water after every use. Blot dry with a clean cloth. Use a soft bristle brush to wash the ceiling and the baseboard to remove any adhesive residue.

Seams : There is a 1 inch image overlap at the seams to allow for double cutting. Do not butt the mural panels together as the image pattern will not match. It is recommended that the overlap at the seams and double cut after installation, with the excess material removed for a smooth and even seam. If you prefer to not double cut, a vinyl to vinyl adhesive should be applied at the overlap (since vinyl will not adhere to itself with the standard adhesive). Seams should have a tight fit, and be free from air and paste bubbles. Seams should not be located closer than 6Ó to corners.

For more detailed installation instructions and specifications "click here".

Adhesive Recommendations :

We are often asked for recommendations on adhesives to be used for installing our photo wall murals. Below are several that we can recommend -- these adhesives are fairly common to find..

Should these items not be available, a generic heavy-duty clear pre-mixed adhesive for vinyl wall covering can be used.

Roman Adhesives:

R-35 Primer, also called Pro-935 ( a good wall primer which is not required but recommended for best results -- this would be painted on to prepare wall for adhesive )

Pro-838 Heavy Duty Clear Adhesive or Ultra Pro -880



Sure Grip -128 Heavy Duty Clear Adhesive.


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